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Phew!!! What another crazy year that was. After all the craziness of the pandemic years, we have started getting ourselves back to some kind of norm. It's definitely different from before when I was trading in Camden Market. I think I have officially left there now, which seems crazy to me. I thought I would always be a Camden Market trader and die in some back ally of Camden Market, still hammering rings at 106 years old. Camden was and still is such a part of my soul, but I have left Camden for now. This year has been another...

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the radio silence, it has been a crazy, but good year.

I have been away at festivals and shows across the county selling my jewellery and i have had a great response. So great that i have had to closed the shop to online orders, so i could concentrate on catch-up making for the festivals. 

I am so very grateful for all of your support and positive feed back. Sorry if you have messaged and it has taken time for me to get back to you, i am spending a lot of my time working and sleeping in fields, and when i am at home i am head to the grindstone trying to prepare for the next event. I am trying to message everyone back but it is taking time (i need an assistant hehe). 

I have been inundated with positive emails, and emails asking for items that people have seen at shows and would now like to purchase online. So i have decided to open my shop for a limited time

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