Our Values

I believe that if you sell something as handmade it should be made by the person selling it and not made in a far distant foreign land and rebranded.

I hand make all the jewellery myself from my little home studio in Shropshire. Everything is hand cut, filled, stamped and soldered. I use only sterling silver (925) as my main metal, and copper and brass as accent colours.


I am constantly improving both my products and packaging.

I use 100% recycled silver for all my rings and pendants. 

Currently I am focusing on removing plastics where I can. This is harder than I imagined. I want to get this right, not just what you the customer see, but over the whole in my business.

I want to be honest. I can easily deliver 100% plastic free packaging to the customer yet still have tons of behind the scenes plastics and unrecyclable bits from that packaging. For instance, I ordered plastic free fabric gift bags, and they were delivered wrapped in 12m of bubble wrap (I measured), I won’t be ordering from them again! But I will use the bags for orders, otherwise there will be more waste. It’s a work in progress.