Ring Size Guide

Use the chart to find your ring size. I make and sell in UK sizes. If you don't know your ring size follow the instructions below.

If you dont know your ring size then it is best to get measured at a jewellers. 

Otherwise it is possible to measure it yourself. Follow the instructions precisely so you get a good reading:

  1. Cut a narrow strip of paper.
  2. Measure around the largest part of your finger.
  3. Pull the paper tight to simulate a solid ring.
  4. Measure the strip of paper with a ruler to the nearest 0.5 mm.
  5. Contact me with the number in mm. 


Be very cautious when using this method:

  • The largest part of your finger might be your knuckle (measure this).
  • Don’t use stretchy string or wool as this will be impossible to measure accurately.
  • Don’t round up or down to the nearest cm as there are 9 sizes between 50mm and 60mm.
  • Remember to pull the paper tight, otherwise you will end up with a lose ring.