The Maker

Handmaking Jewellery at Lime Locket Designs



Hi, I am Rosemary, I was born and raised in Shropshire, England. I first started making and selling art, jewellery and crafts at school and did very well for a school girl selling to my friends and at church sales. At the time i imagined this would be my job, but teachers, friends and family persuaded me that you ‘can’t make a living from art’. So I gave up art and jewellery making to study for a degree in geology.

After University I was a bit directionless, Geology was a really fun subject to study, but I did not want to work for an oil or mining company. So I picked up random jobs where I could and travelled extensively. After 10 years of random jobs and round the world trips, I suddenly found getting work really hard (financial crash). I kept working and travelling, but I realised that I needed to do something different.

I had started making stuff again, mostly knitting and sewing clothes. Learning from blogs and websites. I was really fascinated reading these blogs that other people were making a living out of making stuff, so I started planning my own business. I decided to move to London in 2014 and open a stall selling jewellery on Camden Market. At first my stall was very basic (mostly charms and wire wrapped stones), but as time went by, I learnt how to run a business and took courses in silversmithing at a local collage. Lime Locket eventually became a really successful stall at Camden Market, selling 100% 'made by me' silver jewellery.

All stories move on though, when the lockdown happened, my income suddenly went to zero overnight. I had to move back to Shropshire and start again this time setting up a little studio and selling first on Etsy and now my own website. Hope you enjoy.