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  I have finished my first summer fair in Wem Shropshire. It was quite a nerve wracking affair, because it is my first event i have done since Deershed festival in 2016 (not including Camden or Telford, because these were more like shops and permanent positions). Before the day i spent so much time trying to work out what i would need and how i was going to set up.    This fair was always going to be a experimental run, where my aim for the fair was to learn how i needed to set up, and what i needed...

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Yay, I have finally managed to upload new stuff to my website. I am an analogue kinda girl and technology defeats me. I go to all the trouble for hand making all my jewelry and then don't list it, because I go near technology and it just stops working for me. The hearts have been a really popular item on the stall and I have meant put them up for a while. They are a small, simple drop style and perfect for everyday wear. And if you love hearts like I do then they are perfect. You have a choice...

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