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Reopening my Online Store for 3 Days Only, 26th-28th July

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the radio silence, it has been a crazy, but good year.

I have been away at festivals and shows across the county selling my jewellery and i have had a great response. So great that i have had to closed the shop to online orders, so i could concentrate on catch-up making for the festivals. 

I am so very grateful for all of your support and positive feed back. Sorry if you have messaged and it has taken time for me to get back to you, i am spending a lot of my time working and sleeping in fields, and when i am at home i am head to the grindstone trying to prepare for the next event. I am trying to message everyone back but it is taking time (i need an assistant hehe). 

I have been inundated with positive emails, and emails asking for items that people have seen at shows and would now like to purchase online. So i have decided to open my shop for a limited time as i have a 10 day break between festivals at the beginning of August where i could make and get things in the post. But i am unable to except orders outside of this time frame.I might make this a regular event, where i open up every so often for online orders. 

The shop will be open from the 26th - 28th of July. (Internet access permitting)

If you would like a bracelet, i will add a listing for the bracelets, i only have pictures of a couple of the bracelets, but will add a drop down menu for the requested bracelets that are not pictured. 

If you would like an item other than a bracelet, that is not pictured, contact me first and i will let you know what to purchase. 

 Lime Locket Designs



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