What Events am I Attending in 2023?

What Events am I Attending in 2023?

The list on the EVENTS page is up, but I expect to add to it, especially in October and November.

This time of year is a pretty manic time for applying for festivals and fairs. Some have already closed their applications for next year, and others have yet to announce when their applications will open. So as each event says YES, I have to decide whether to do that or wait for a better response. 

2023 looks to be a busy year. I have already said yes to the same number of events as I did in 2022. This year they are starting earlier as the pandemic meant that last year some events were put back until later in the year. This means a much longer season in 2023 than in 2022. 

This year I am doing a mixture of new (to me) events and events that I enjoyed attending last year. 

You often find me in the yellow 'Shopping Marque' at shows. I will attend loads of shows again this year with the shopping marquee. If you visit a show, look out for the yellow marque (you can't miss it). Also, the yellow marque will be visiting Conwy Harbour in April and August, which I am super excited about. Conwy is a beautiful Welsh town in the shadow of Snowdonia, with what is probably my favourite fairytale castle. So I am looking forward to spending some time there.

Shopping Marquee

And for my local Shrewsbury followers, I shall be back at Shrewsbury Food Festival. I think this is the best organised and friendly festival I have done, and I highly recommend visiting if you are in the Shrewsbury area. 

A friend recommended that I try doing VW festivals because the outdoorsy nature of my jewellery would go down well with the Dubs crowd. So this year, I am attending two VW festivals, Derbyshire Dubs and  VW Festival. Even if I make no money, they look like a great weekend away, so I shall have a good time no matter what. 

So far, I am going to two music festivals, Sunshine Festival (retro) and Gate to Southwell (Folk Festival). I went to both last year and had such a good time. Last year my pitch at Sun Shine was perfect; I was just the right distance from the stage to watch and enjoy the music and still be able to talk to customers. In the evening, I could pack up and make my way to the front of the stage; Human League were surprisingly epic. 

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