Plans for the New Year 2023

Plans for the New Year 2023

Hey all, It's the new year and a time we all get reminded to think about the future and our place in it. Do you make New Years Resolutions? Mine have been bubbling under the surface since last year, so not really tied to the new year but an ongoing project. This is an excellent time to get them into words.

I am the kind of person who, if I make a public statement saying I am going to do something, then I am more likely to. By publishing my ideas and plans for the new year online, I'll be more likely to put them into action. It will be interesting to read this blog post at the end of 2023 and see how much I have accomplished.

Over the last few years, I have been slow to create and bring new designs to the stall. With all the upheaval, most of my effort has been towards getting my business back up and running. In the last three years, I have had four entirely different business models; moving from the Camden market to online, to a Pop-Up and then to shows and festivals. All my effort has been on problem-solving the various setups, sorting out how to transport it across the country and getting my van liveable. But after a full year of shows and festivals, I am starting to find some rhythm and feel really creative again. I am buzzing with energy, new ideas and loads of plans.

So Goals for 2023:

1. Stone Setting
There was a time when I said, 'I would never do set stones; it's not worth it!'. Well, I take that back. I have started to get obsessed with stones and stone setting. I made quite a few for Christmas and have planned a whole new range for 2023.

2. Open the online shop
Opening my shop for a few days every couple of months worked really well last year. This year, I want to do the same in a more intentional and organised way. I plan to release small collections of one-off stone pendants and rings every couple of months. In addition to the made-to-order rings, I do already.

3. Find/make a new product to sell (not jewellery)
Many of my pitches at festivals are much bigger than my 3x3m gazebo. I want to use this space wisely. So I would like to buy a second gazebo and fill it with something complimentary to my jewellery. My thoughts on this are macramé and self-designed t-shirts.

4. Travel More
Travelling the country (even the world) with my stall was always on my 5-year business plan, which I kind of forgot about in Camden. Before I was a jewellery maker/seller, I could have almost considered myself a professional backpacker. This is the second year I get to work on making this dream a reality. Travel is in my blood. I want to explore more of the places where I trade.

5. Rent my house on Airbnb
My house desperately needs a new kitchen and carpets. So I plan on getting the work done this winter and then renting my home out during the summer while I am away at festivals. This will require a lot of organisation as I use the house to make the jewellery.

6. More social media
I say this every year, but social media is not my strong point. Remembering to take photos and videos and then posting them is a constant fail for me. This year I want to experiment with different social media formats, blogs, YouTube, photos and short videos and see if I can get one to stick.

Forgive me if you are reading this in the future, and I have yet to make all this happen straight away (social media is the most obvious fail). These are goals for the future, and I will be happy if I make any of them happen this year, whether in January or September or if I do the learning and research for future years. But they are written down now, so I have something to work towards.

Cheers to a happy, fun and productive New Year. I wish you all the best.


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  • Mrs B's Candles

    Fantastic and so pleased that you’re doing well.. Have a great time and enjoy life. xxx

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