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Online Shop Opening in October for 3 Days Only - 1st - 3rd of October

The year has continued to be a great and crazy year. I have been working so hard at trying to keep up with making enough jewellery for all my events. My stock levels are really low at the moment and i am just about making enough each week to make my stall look half decent for the next event. I only have a few events in October and November, where i plan on a big catch up for my Christmas stall in December (to be finalised). 

I am still getting lots of messages and requests from customers to buy online, I am so grateful for your support and even though i personally prefer to sell in person, i know not everyone can get to my events. So after the success of the last short opening of my online shop in July. I have decided to do it again and block off a week where i can make for online only. I am going to make this a regular thing, where i set aside a week every three months or so just dedicated to online orders. 

However, I am unable to take orders out side of this, as i don't have enough time between events to make to orders and get them to the post. 

The shop will be open from the 1st - 3rd of October.

If you would like an item that is not listed, contact me first and i will let you know how to purchase.


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