New Moon Pendants (but not for sale!)

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New Moon Pendants (but not for sale!)

I have sorted through my scrap pile and sorted them out into various piles. I will cut them into hearts, mountains and waves and moons. I find that I accumulate scrap, and then some days I just stare at it and see the pieces i am supposed to make, which then make it to my stall as one off pieces. I usually don't list them on the website or Esty, as I need a lot more variety of stock to fill and maintain the stall, compared with online, and like to keep my stock separate.

These are the moons i made from almost moon/circle shaped pieces of silver and made these new pendants for my stall. They are all slightly different sizes and textures and a mix of silver and copper. These will hopefully land on my stall once lockdown is over. If its ever over! Boris has announced the 12th of April, but we will see what the situation is closer to April. I will at least have plenty of time to refill (as i got very low on stock over Christmas), and make new stock, like these little moons.

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