Shop opening and back to Conwy Harbour 4th - 6th of August

Shop opening and back to Conwy Harbour 4th - 6th of August


I am back in Conwy Harbour from the 4th - 6th of August, so if you are around, pop in to see me. I loved doing Conwy Harbour in May, and I am super excited to be going back. These will also be the dates that I will open my online shop for orders.

It has been a full-on summer of events for me; along with everyday life happenings and my van breaking down, I am a bit behind with work. I am just one person doing all the making and selling. So it will be a limited opening, where I will not be able to add any new products. If I get too many orders, I shall close the shop early. I will also be unable to do any of the stone pendants and rings. If you like any of these, I hope to get some up in the online shop in October.

There will also be long processing times of about 3-4 weeks for all orders, as I am trying to fit this around a full schedule of summer events. I will do my best to get everything made and into the post much earlier than this, but it depends on what type of orders I get.

If you would like something that is not listed that you have seen on my stall, if there is a different version of the same thing, order this and let me know which version you would like. For example, I have made a sunflower and daisy version of the wrap ring.

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