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Sterling silver ring with a round Green Moss Agate stone. I have handmade these rings by myself, so each will be slightly different and have slight flaws.

The Green Moss Agate stone is about 12mm across and is set in silver. Each stone is very different;  Some are very dark green, and others have a white, green and clear pattern, which varies significantly between stones. If you would like a specific stone, then I have photographed the stones; leave me a message with the stone number or letter. The stones were photographed on a very dark day and have lots of reflections; because this is a temporary listing I am doing, I can't wait until I have better lighting. 

The bands use 4mm sterling silver and are 1.3mm thick. The band had been patterned with either a fern or leaf pattern in the photoes, but if you would like a different effect, hammered, hammered with lines, just let me know. 

Photographic perspective

I have done my best to show you how the rings look in real life. Often the stones will appear bigger in the photos as the camera is closer to the stone than the ring band. Also, the colour will vary depending on your computer screen and settings. 

The ring is sterling silver so it will keep its colour with everyday wear. If the ring needs cleaning, you can quickly return it to a high shine with a silver polish cloth.

If you don't know your UK (A-Z) ring size, message me with your US or European ring size, and I will convert it.

Otherwise, measure the largest part of your finger with a narrow strip of paper (measured in millimetres (mm). Remember to pull it tight; otherwise, you will receive a loose ring. Then leave me a message, and I will convert it for you.