Silver Bird Pendant - Silver Disk Necklace

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Sterling silver hammered bird necklace.

The pendant is hand-cut in sterling silver with a piercing saw and then finished with a hammered effect and polished to a high shine. The circle is around 20-21mm from top to bottom, each piece is handmade and therefore each disk will vary slightly in size and shape, and the birds will fly slightly differently on each piece.

A medium sterling silver trace chain is included, it is available in two lengths 16 and 18 inches. I also have a 20 and 24-inch chains at a little extra cost.

If you would like me to add an accent stone bead (4mm), just tell me using the drop-down menu. I don't charge for this.

If you would like a different finish, for example, a different hammered effect or a mirrored or matt finish, just leave a message for me when you make the order. (pic 7 has a mirrored effect)